Life: My comfort, my food

I’ve been staying with friends and family these last two weeks, which means my cooking is pretty limited. Ava ended up with most of the food from my kitchen. Pots, pans, dishes and other fun stuff ended up in storage (currently filing what little space there is in Manfriend’s kitchen). I would take a picture to show you, but it’s just too depressing to think about.

So the good news is comfort food! I started off with a visit to The Soup Kitchen for my standby onion rings. Next I headed to Little Caesar’s for Hot ‘n’ Ready Pizza. I’m in serious need of serious comfort people.

Also both destinations involve walking so I worked of the calories, right?

Then beer. Squatter’s Summer Twilight Ale has been a delightful, refreshing beer for Manfriend and I. Ava likes it, too. It’s a lighter ale and full of flavor. It really is perfect for a summer evening.

What little cooking I did involved pasta, steak and tomato sauces.

And somehow all that comfort led to me finding the motivation to keep blogging today.


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