Mostly endings…

I thought today I would be telling you about how I’m so excited for my parents to get here and my big crazy family to come join me for graduation tomorrow. And I am excited about that.

I thought I would tell you today that I’m teaching English at the Say Say English Institute in Mokpo, South Korea. But I’m not.

A few days ago, I interviewed to teach at Say Say. The interview went okay. I certainly had mixed feelings about it. But I guess it went well because the next day they offered me a job.

I told Manfriend it was likely I would take this job. And he asked what that meant for us. I told him the same thing I’ve beens aying since March, “I want to try a long-distance relationship. I love you and I think it’s worth the effort.” And this time instead of saying, “I don’t know,” he said, “I don’t think I can.”

And that’s when I started crying. We talked about it more. And I asked what would happen if I stayed here. I love Salt Lake City and I could find work here. I wouldn’t mind staying. And if it meant staying with Manfriend, I might.

But he was determined to break up, I guess. He said I couldn’t not go that I’ve been talking about teaching overseas for too long. That I’ll always regret it if I stay. And he’s right.

I just wish it didn’t have to come to this. I guess it will just be one more things that ends this weekend.



4 thoughts on “Mostly endings…

  1. Monday! The People's Dough Girl is offering a free cookie. Boo Pilsbury. I'm not that much into sweets so I've been giving away the stuff I've been making.

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