I need a bigger stomach so I can eat more

The disturbing porn star-esque leering pig should not be taken as an indication of the barbecue that awaits you. Other possibly creepy factors include the maze of a restaurant space packed into what appears to be a converted factory and the paper dishes.

But then you remember, “Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a southern comfort experience” and that means picnic tables, paper plates and hot sauce.

And that’s what Pat’s Barbecue is, my friends. A delicious romp through barbecue to the accompaniment of live music. The weekend I was there with Big E, Amber and the family Blues on First was playing.

I love this band! They played last year at the Snowbird Beer Fest and they were perfect for beer sampling. Turns out they make barbecue even better.

I was thrilled to find red beans and rice on Pat’s menu. After my Atlanta trip last summer, I was happy to see one of my Southern favorites on the menu. I also ordered the 1/4 rack of pork ribs and a Cutthroat.

The red beans and rice did not disappoint. They took me right back to Georgia with just the right amount of spice, ham hocks and beans all mixed together. I wish I could figure out how to make this dish.

The pork ribs! Oh man, the pork ribs! I took one bite and I was in love. The meat was so tender and juicy it just fell off the bone. I took Big E’s suggestion and mixed the hot sauce with the mustard sauce. It was so good! Mmm…mmm…mmm…was had by all.

I also enjoyed the corn bread, but by the time I got to it I was so full I only had enough room for a couple of bites. So good…I can’t wait to go back with Ava sometime soon.

Pat’s Barbecue fills up quick so get there early to grab a seat. You’ll be glad you did!


5 thoughts on “I need a bigger stomach so I can eat more

  1. Excuse me! When did you start blogging? When did you start commenting? And no, you don't get credit for funny observations until I get answers. Also you are being officially internet stalked.

  2. A week ago, Ex finally talked me into going to San Diego's most popular BBQ, Phil's by Sports Arena. There was a line out the door when we got there, but it was worth the wait. My observations echo those of Salt City Girl. There were rolls of paper towels on the tables instead of napkins. Food was served tin plates were the size of hubcaps. The food was tasty and the the meat tender. When we managed to waddle out of there, the line was clear down the side of the building.

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