It’s like you’re drunk or something…

Ava’s discovery of has led us down an interesting path. A path you come to when you are hungry, lazy and tired. A path that leads to Koyo Restaurant.

Manfriend, Ava and I arrived at Koyo after going to Iron Man 2, and the answer is yes, it is bad ass. The small restaurant was inviting once we got through the odd entryway. We waited awkwardly for a minute before our waitress sat us.

And this is where things get interesting.

There were three tables across from us in those nifty tea rooms with the rice paper walls. And one of the guests was very, very drunk.

So instead of telling you a story about delicious, perfectly prepared tempura, rice, fried chicken and beef sukiyaki, I’m going to tell you a story about how not to be obnoxious in public.

Rule number one: Don’t drink until you can’t stand up. Drunk Girl was so loud that the three tables around here could barely have a discussion among themselves. And needless to say, the talk of the restaurant was Drunk Girl in the middle.

Rule number two: Don’t drink to the point that your friends are embarassed. When Drunk Girl left, it turned out she was meeting friends of a friend for the first time. The table quieted down considerably, but there was laughter at Drunk Girl’s expense once she was gone. And Sober Friend explaining, why Drunk Girl was not a friend of hers anymore.

Rule number three: Don’t drink until you steal someone else’s shoes. I’m not making this up. Drunk Girl attempts to leave. Platinum Blonde has to help her stand. Drunk Girl puts on the first pair of flip-flops she sees and stumbles away. Later Sober Friend leaves and says, “I think she took my shoes.” Oh yes, Drunk Girl, was so far gone she took someone else’s shoes.

Rule number four: Don’t be louder than the baby crying. Yep, after Drunk Girl left, I was suddenly aware that a small baby was crying on the other side of me for most of the night. Hmm…maybe I would rather listen to drunken stories of ex-boyfriends than a baby crying.

Rule number five: If you are Drunk Girl, or likely to ever be Drunk Girl, stay home.

An entirely delightful evening with wonderful food and friends was ruined by a complete stranger. Next time I see you Drunk Girl, I’ll switch out your vodka for water and stuff painkillers in your food.

Not even kidding.


3 thoughts on “It’s like you’re drunk or something…

  1. ba ha!Koyo is great food, terrible service. But drunk girl would have got a boot up her ass if it were me. (or i guess a bare foot considering)Next time, just call her fat and they usually shut up.

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