Five Guys and a lady

Five Guys Burger and Fries has been blogged, printed, written about and loved by many. I must admit, I am a Five Guys devotee.

They only make burgers and fries. And they do it well. As Bayley says, “That’s a great business plan.” Every time I’ve been to Five Guys they’ve been busy.

I’m also inclined to agree with Naruto on Yahoo! who says, “Best hang over food and the service is friendly and quick.” Admittedly, I’ve never had Five Guys while hung over, I have tendency to stay in my house after a long night. However the service is quick and friendly. And the grease quotient of the food would lend itself to a hang over cure.

Here’s what I love about Five Guys.

1. The guy with the radio voice. I promise there is a guy who works at Five Guys who is so friendly, so loud and has so much character you expect to hear the theme music to “The Five Guys Radio Show” at any moment.
2. And speaking of music, they like good music. I’ve never heard anything that makes me grit my teeth from the loud speakers.
3. The burgers. I love that I get to choose everything on my burger. My favorite is the little cheeseburger with green bell peppers, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and mayonnaise.
4. The fries. My favorite are the Cajun fries with fry sauce. And keep in mind the regular size is enough for two. The serving portions at Five Guys are huge! So order small.
5. The peanuts. They have boxes of free peanuts. I love snacking on a few bites of salty goodness before digging into the main event.

Any time I feel like greasy, quick and easy I find myself at Five Guys.


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