Alcohol: Stirred, not shaken

The Martini

1 part dry vermouth
4 parts vodka
Kalamata olives
Olive juice
Pour the vermouth and vodka into a chilled martini glass. Add one kalamata olive pierced with a toothpick. Stir. Add olive juice to make it dirty.
After spending the day at the Salt Flats and in Wendover, Manfriend and I picked up some vermouth and vodka for $27 at the Desert Discount Liquor Store in West Wendover. I’ve been led to believe that alcohol is cheaper outside the Great State of Utah, but that belief has been amended to only some alcohol is cheaper in Nevada-vodka isn’t one of them, vermouth is.
We decided to try out our cocktail mixing talents and put together a classic martini since the cognac for a sidecar was more than I wanted to spend.
By the second martini, I decided I like mine best extra dry and extra dirty. Manfriend wouldn’t even drink a dirty martini after smelling it so apparently olive juice isn’t for everyone. The mixture of booze with booze took me down fast so in the future I’ll definitely be a one martini woman.
But it sure was delicious.

2 thoughts on “Alcohol: Stirred, not shaken

  1. Ooh I love dirty martini's, we certainly need to have one together asap.Also, instead of kalamata olives try them with blue cheese stuffed olives, so delicious that way!

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