Life: I’m taking a personal day

I finally have time to breathe!

This means I’m enjoying far too many cookies and too much coffee. Both make me happy.

It’s been quite the semester this time around and I’m more than ready for break time. I can’t wait to spend all day curled up on the couch with a good book and nothing to do, but read and pork out on holiday treats.

I learned a lot this semester as the president of film club and editor for the student newspaper. My friend Rikki wrote a fabulous post on what she learned as the Editor-in-Chief for the Daily Evergreen out at Washington State University. And I have to say I agree, sistah. This has been a semester for difficult life experiences that I still wouldn’t trade if given a chance. (I’m lookin’ at you, Walt.)

All in all, I spent way more time with the paper than I ever intended and this meant the film production started to slide. I’m not entirely sure how to prevent this from happening again next semester so any suggestions would be welcome.

Also school work pretty much became an in-my-spare-time occupation. So yeah, I may not have done very well in school. The low point here was realizing how much I don’t care about school anymore. I just want my degree and I want to be done.

Finally in my wee bits of personal life time, where I wasn’t trying to calm the craziness, keep the craziness going, or stop the craziness that is a student paper, I went and found a boy to keep me busy.

And it is good. So even though I survived the semester from hell, I’m actually pretty happy with my life. Because all I needed to discover how truly amazing the people in my life are, was a lot of craziness of drive me insane. So giant thank yous to all my friends and family. You people are made of pure awesome!


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