Food Review: Turning the tide on my favorite sushi

Ava and I made a visit to Tsunami in Sugar House this past week. She was craving sushi and I just like to eat.

Since our favorite sushi spot, Sapporo shut down we decided to return to another old favorite and made our way to the little place by the dollar theater. I should mention Tsuanmi is open until 10 p.m. on weeknights. Yes, Salters there is a place you can get a great dinner after 9 p.m. on a week night in the Salty City.

Ava chose to sit at a table, not the sushi bar. This made me happy because I find the sushi chefs rude and condescending-for some reason they don’t seem to like it when I ask questions about fish. It turns out the table was a good choice as the sushi chefs spent much of the night arguing back and forth and writing the schedule with the manager.

I ordered the Tokyo Cowboy roll and Ava had the Malibu, then I ordered a veggie roll called Catalina.

The Tokyo wasn’t as good as I remembered, it seemed a little bit spicier without the lovely balance of sweet and spicy my taste buds remember.

Ava liked the Malibu, but said she’ll probably order something else next time. The Malibu had eel and was pretty tasty, but I wasn’t a fan of the overall texture of the roll–it was just a little too smooth and slimy for me.

The Catalina had lots of delicious vegetables wrapped in soy paper. The weird part was that it tasted like peanuts only without peanuts. It wasn’t bad, just unexpected. Even Ava who hates nuts ate some of the roll.

Our waitress was adorable and very helpful. So I’m taking back the sitting at the bar rule for sushi and amending it to say, “At Tsunami sit at a table and let the waitress deal with the sushi chef.”


4 thoughts on “Food Review: Turning the tide on my favorite sushi

  1. Hey Salt City Girl,We are still waiting on you from you promise back in August!"Next on the burger test, Scaddy's Wayne Burger or the Scaddy Burger"Feel free to come in anytime…and I really think the Wayneburger is for you.

  2. So that was a really blah trip to Tsunami. It was a pretty big let down for how long I was craving sushi, and it just made me really miss Sapporo.As for Scaddys, Tim really liked it. Um. That's all I have.

  3. now that i've been eating meat, sushi has been getting a lot better.i wonder if the tokyo cowboy is the same thing as a cowboy roll?eel is yummy, so i wonder if it what cooked wrong in your roll?i've got a friend who deepfrys her california rolls …. yuckp.s. we need a reunion

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