Food Review: Fry sauce ruins Millie’s fries?

So after taking the week off, I guess we have some catching up to do.

First on the list of places I’ve been and you get to know about is Millie’s Burgers on 2100 South in Sugar House.

I love this little 50s style hamburger shack that’s just a short walk from my house. CBC and I went there for some burgers, fries and an introduction to that Utah wonder-fry sauce.

The Millie Burger was just as good as I remember–a quarter-pound of beef with cheese, pickles and fry sauce. Even though the burger was too big for me to finish, I was sad to see it go.

The fries were fresh, crispy and salty decliousness just waiting to be eaten. I think next time, I’ll order to go and mix up some of my own fry sauce at home. They just don’t seem to realize what a disservice it is to their fries to serve them with overly ketchuped fry sauce.

I warned CBC Millie’s fry sauce is serviceable, but not the best ketchup-mayonnaise mixture in Utah. But he was brave and tried out the sauce, I don’t think he liked it because the rest of the fry sauce was left for me.

As always the teenagers at Millie’s were more than helpful. We had a very nice time in the cinder block restaurant with orange plastic tables. And the whole four other customers who were there at 9 p.m. on a Thursday night seemed to enjoy themselves, too.


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