Bulky chicken

This whole not having money thing means I’ve been eating at home a lot more, which in turn means I’m learning more about the value of knowing how to make something yummy with the food stuff that’s been in the cupboard for a smidge bit too long.

For example, adding chicken stock to the water for instant rice. It adds much more flavor and since I usually have some stock in the pantry it doesn’t cost anything more. (Thanks, Andrew!)

Or learning the combination of paprika, cayenne and pepper flakes will make salsa just as spicy as the jalapeno pepper I didn’t buy. Oh and if I add some cumin I pretty much can make anything taste like Mexican.

And of course, the best trick for getting by when you can’t go out is butter. Seriously, just add a little extra butter and the extra richness will make you think you’re eating out.

I almost forgot to mention the salt. Ava’s cousin said, “If something tastes a little off I just add a little salt and it’s better.” It’s true, kids. Seriously, a pinch of Kosher will you get you far.

Then there’s the tested truth of buying in bulk to save money. Sure this means I’ve eaten chicken for nearly every dinner since last Sunday. Just switch up the spices from the cupboard. One night it’s Mexican (paprika, cayenne, cumin) the next it’s Italian (oregano, thyme, rosemary and basil) and another it’s American (garlic, onion and barbecue sauce) . Thus the monotony of eating chicken is staved off for a few days.

That is until the Cheez-Its I’m eating run out and I’m back to more chicken with lots of butter and a little bit of salt. Maybe, I’ll try Japanese chicken tonight. After all I have some soy sauce in my fridge full of condiments.


7 thoughts on “Bulky chicken

  1. Hey If you have any veggies you can make a chicken stir fry and have white rice with its one of my fav. recipe or you can do shredded chicken and if you have corn/flour tortillas you can make taquitos šŸ˜€ just a thought

  2. My family once banned me from cooking anything with chicken it. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you, knowing my deep love of eating chicken. I think maybe this is proof that I was genetically predisposed to be poor. Wow, that's sad.

  3. A great way to make Asian chicken is to make your own sauce. Try soy sauce, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce. I have marinated chicken in it and even made fried rice (hibachi style)

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