She never had it so good

Maybe it’s anti-Semitic, maybe she never had it so good. Either way, all I know is I love Jewish Thursday.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of Jewish Thursday. Well, let me explain each Thursday a group of friends and I buy the cheapest wine we can find and drink it down. It’s always a great night with fascinating conversation. We’ve managed to cover Ancient Egypt, the anti-Semitism of Jew Thursday, human rights and religion. Plus, there’s always film talk.

Last Jew Thursday, Mikey and Stryder (that’s his real name) brought us wine in a bottle. It was amazing! I can’t serve wine in plastic that comes in a bottle so for once we broke out the real wine glasses.

Between the Barefoot Cabernet Savignon and the Barefoot Merlot, I liked the Merlot just a smidgen better. The Merlot was more mellow and seemed to have a smokier spiciness to me. They were both pretty good and apparently not too expensive at the liquor store.

Our next bottle was Yellowtail Cabernet sponsored by the motherhood-centric Jeff. I’ve had the Yellowtail before and it seems like a good stand-by choice for a red wine. At this point, I had switched to a plastic cup because all our guests were using the real wine glasses so I didn’t get nearly the flavor. The whole wine is better from a wine glass rule is… well, a rule for a reason. However, I’ve never been horribly disappointed in a Yellowtail so there’s no reason not to drink even if it is from a plastic cup.

And of course Jew Thursday means having a box of Franzia Classic White on hand. This time I could really taste the sugar and I’m a little sad to have disliked my favorite boxed wine so much. But like true Jews, next Thursday we’ll be back to boxed wine.

What? She never had it so good.


2 thoughts on “She never had it so good

  1. I was gonna say I would love to come next time, but than you mentioned going back to boxed wine. I am ashamed…never by wine in a box, eco-friendly packaging is fine. Buuuut a box? I can bring over some good bottled stuff. I promise 🙂

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