This is the end, my friend.

Just a happy reminder from me and The Doors: Utah’s Private Clubs are extinct today. Yes! Utah is one baby step closer to making adulthood legal. Let’s play!


5 thoughts on “This is the end, my friend.

  1. I just read about it on That was a really dumb law. yikes. glad it got changed. i dont' believe in forcing things like that, it didn't even make sense.

  2. Thanks, Stevi. The crazy part is the private club law was actually better than the previous law which required a person to drink an entire bottle before leaving the bar while the server could only provide the "set-up" to the drink, as in a glass and whatever you mixed the alcohol with. Next year, my vote is for wine in the grocery store.

  3. Yes. I'm not sure how it works out legally, but I know the argument is being made that because wine and beer have a similar alcohol content they should both be available at the grocery store.

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