Single smugness

I’m sitting on my comfy, red couch enjoying the summer breeze with the living room door open and Nilla Wafers in hand when I hear a car screech to a stop outside my house. Traffic noises aren’t uncommon, I live on a busy street. But the screeching, almost crashing sounds caught my attention. Hell, it was more interesting than actually writing anything today.

I leaned forward to look out the door and saw a couple I don’t know. The woman was tall and beautiful. She had black hair and was wearing a blue dress. I assume she’s Japanese because when she started yelling she had a thick accent and I only caught some of her words including “lie” and “cheat,” which she screamed at a tall, beer-bellied middle-aged white guy in a Hawaiian shirt. He was soft spoken so I didn’t hear his defense.

But after five minutes of listening in on their argument (I couldn’t help it, she was yelling) my skills of deduction are telling me this guy cheated on her for years and when she confronted him about it about a month ago he denied his cheatin’ ways only to continue sleeping with another woman. He chose today to confess his adultery. What an idiot! Seriously, honesty is the best policy. The rules from kindergarten will always be true.

Now, I’m enjoying the smug feeling of singlehood. What? It doesn’t happen very often.


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