Dairy Keen is King

Dairy Keen in Heber, Utah is crazy. This little town is full of crazy coolness. I’ve heard lots of good things about Dairy Keen. I was excited to have the opportunity to stop by this little hamburger shop. The place is full of trains; on the ceilings, on the walls, outside, inside, everywhere for kids and big kids. They even have a Harry Potter train on display.

My brother Troy had the banana split and the chicken club sandwich. He loves their chicken club and always gets it. Unfortunately, he regretted ordering the banana spilt instead of his usual German chocolate shake.

About those shakes, that is some good ice cream. I don’t know what Dairy Keen does, but their ice cream is thick, creamy and delicious. Anyone out there know if it’s made nearby so I can buy some?

I had the strawberry shake. The strawberries were fresh and yummy. And the ice cream? I know I mentioned this before, but SERIOUSLY. GOOD.

I also had the Train Burger. The Train Burger is one of their signature items and is pretty much a ham-topped burger. It was way more meat than I was expecting, but still yummy. The ham is deli-sliced and salted while the hamburgers are made by hand. There’s something about uneven edges on my burger that just makes my tummy happy.

Dairy Keen is a great local spot that has received lots of national coverage. If your ever in Heber, go ahead and stop by. Of course, I would love to check out some of their other local restaurants.


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