Provo food time, hold on to your tummy

Another day in Provo meant another day of fast food for me. Wes, James and I went to Apollo’s Burgers. This was my first visit to the Utah chain and one of very few I will make in my lifetime.

Apollo’s was kind of gross. The open counter only shows off the uncleanliness of the kitchen. I ordered the cheeseburger combo just so I could upgrade to onion rings. The cashier said Apollo’s won’t allow you to order a kids’ meal and substitute anything for the french fries. Apollo, take a hint from your big-time competitor Mickey D’s: give people options.

The burger was pretty good. I was pretty happy with the grilled burger with lots of cheese and toppings. For fast food, it was good. The onion rings were just off. I’m not sure what went wrong, but the onion was undercooked, the breading bland and it tasted like the inside of the freezer. I don’t know what happened, but they are possibly the worst onion rings I’ve ever had.

Then I went to the bathroom and I almost lost it. I’ve been in gas stations with cleaner bathrooms. It was disgusting. I really hope it was just an off day and they were understaffed. If I ever go back to Apollo’s Burgers it sure won’t be there Provo location.

The lesson here is to only order my favorite deep-fried side dish at the Soup Kitchen. Oh Provo, when will you have good food?


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