The Owl Bar

In my time at Sundance, I’ve discovered the locals bar. The Owl Bar at the Sundance Resort is very cowboy. The building is a rebuilt cabin with tons of black and white photos of Robert Redford and other celebrities who made Westerns back in the day.

The waitresses are pretty awesome. They are very friendly and super chill. Plus, there’s no cover charge on weekdays. And underagers tip: they appear to only check the idea of the person buying. Not that I’m encouraging illegal activities.

Now for the negatives, the price tag. A glass of beer on tap will run you $5 at the Owl Bar, which is a pretty hefty price for a 3.2% alcohol pint of Squatter’s. A shot costs about $7.50 and I’m scared to even look at the cocktail list.

Next up for complaint, the food. The bar serves food from The Foundry Grill. The Grill is beyond overpriced a steak entree runs at about $37. I only ordered the cheese fries appetizer for $8.50 it was good. Nice hot, melty goodness.

I also tried the macaroni and cheese appetizer for $9.50. It was okay, but went a little bit more the way of traditional mac and cheese from home than I expected. It also came out of the kitchen so hot, I burnt my mouth a little. True, the waitress warned me, but it was still scary.

I love the atmosphere of the Owl Bar, they play amazing music and have a great staff. So here’s my advice take a day trip to Sundance and pack a picnic basket. Enjoy a beautiful hike and eat by one of the many waterfalls in the area. Than finish off your day at the Owl Bar before heading home.

Enjoy your day in the Old West!


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