Nostalgia for a dollar

I just spent a dollar on mint lemonade.

Never again, in my life will I attempt to drink mint lemonade. I blame children and childhood. I was walking home and two adorable little girls were selling lemonade outside their house. They had a super cool stand set up and wore matching aprons, plus one of the girls was holding a chicken like she was a cat. How is any adult going to say no to that cuteness?

The girl-without-the-chicken started screaming they had lemonade and cupcakes while I was still across the street. When I finally got to the girls, I asked for a small lemonade. I saw the cupcakes and decided my own homemade mess was probably safer for my stomach.

They were out of small cups, but I felt bad remembering my lemonade stand days and waiting forever for one kind soul to buy a cup of KoolAid lemonade. So I pulled out a bill and said it was okay. I asked for a large and was given a red plastic cup half-filled with mint lemonade. The mixer of the lemonade was proud to inform me of the mint concoction as she held onto her chicken, who apparently told her it was the best lemonade in the world. Sorry kid, the chicken lied.

I took one very small sip and wished them luck. It was only the memories of watching adults throw lemonade out on the corner that held me back from tossing the cup of yuck out. I walked all the way home before throwing the beverage down the sink. Mint and lemonade are two flavors that do not mix.

My only consolation is that my money went towards a good cause. May those girls and their chicken have better money management skills than me.


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