The Park Cafe

Hash browns a.k.a Park Potatoes and more coffee than anyone could possibly drink at one meal. The breakfast fare at Liberty Park is a great hangover cure, even if the servers hover.

Patrick, Erin and I went to The Park Cafe on 600 East 1300 South for a breakfast/lunch meal. The Park is only open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The menu is limited to breakfast and lunch items.

The only dish you need to worry about is Park Potatoes. These hash browns are so delicious. They remind me of the kind my mom used to make with grated potatoes and bacon grease. The Park has mastered the right level of crispy goodness to soft potato.

I also ordered the grilled cheese sandwich, which was a waste because after all the potatoes I didn’t have room for the grilled cheese. Of the few bites I did take, it was good. But didnt’ match the yumminess of the potatoes so I was disappointed.

Erin loved her huevos rancheros even though they didn’t have chorizo and instead came with breakfast sausage that was ordered as a separate side. Patrick loves the chili at The Park and it’s one of his favorite breakfast spots. I think we were all very happy with our food.

Our server was friendly, knowledgable and overly helpful. For some mysterious reason the bus boy and our waiter both refilled our coffees and waters about every ten seconds. I asked for a lot of coffee and water, but my glass was never less than three-quarters full. And my creamer, sugar with coffee beverage became coffee with creamer and sugar far too quickly. I kind of like to be left alone with my friends when we go out to eat. I never thoguht I’d say this, but the wait staff is too helpful.

For grilled cheese with Park potatoes and coffee my bill came to just under $6. For the food, it was well worth the price, but please leave my coffee alone.


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