Welcome to the Grove

Oh. My. God. Is that a sandwich? I dare you, to not say that when you first see a sandwich from The Grove Market on Main Street and 1700 South-ish.

Sasquatch, Ava and I made our maiden voyage to The Grove Market because whenever I’ve gone by on the bus this little deli is packed. There are always people sitting outside on the tables and occasionally the line goes out the door and onto the small patio.

The afternoon we went the deli wasn’t especially busy, but The Grove wasn’t quite what I expected either. I had envisioned it to be a deli, which it is, but it’s also a market. The little shop is packed to the gills with Ute memorabilia and other sports gear exploding off the shelves. The market has pretty much everything you would need, including a ridiculously vast selection of olives and hot sauce.

A full sandwich from The Grove will set you back about $10. A little expensive I know, but the sandwich is of such gargantuan proportions you are actually buying two separate sandwiches. There are not many people in this world who can eat an entire Grove sandwich in one sitting–Walt, don’t even try.

I ordered the avocado, tomato sandwich because I was feeling like salad. Packed between two slices of thick French bread were avocado, tomato, lettuce, pickles, cheese, salt, pepper, mayo and mustard. The sandwich was so big it was somewhat intimidating.

I loved the pepper and pickles. The avocado all squished out so I ended up eating half my sandwich more like the salad I’d thought about ordering. Because of my problems with holding the sandwich together I’ll probably ask for the bread rolls next time instead of slices.

I really enjoyed my sandwich and would love to go back to The Grove. However, Ava says the sandwich is too expensive for what you get and there is way too much mayonnaise and mustard. Sasquatch was somewhere between Ava and I. She really liked her sandwich, but also said her sandwich had too much mustard on it.

So my suggestion is order a half sandwich on a bread roll and ask for less condiments. I have no idea if the boys who look like they dropped out of Brooklyn will deliver, but they seem like nice kids. After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Grove

  1. What’s for lunch today? Why half of an island sized sandwhich! I do think that they should get bonus points for leftover staying power, but unfortunetly four days later and it still pretty much taste the same as when I got it.I am so taking you to Jimmy Johns.

  2. Also, in reference to your title- Welcome to the jungleWe got fun ‘n’ gamesWe got everything you wantHoney we know the namesWe are the people that can findWhatever you may need If you got the money honeyWe got your disease

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