All you need is water

The bane of my kitchen existence was fried eggs and minute rice. I’m not really sure why they are just two foods I couldn’t master. However, I have now conquered my nemesis the egg.

Erin showed me this awesome-o trick to fry eggs. It works so well and is so easy I have fried eggs successfully on two occasions without even breaking the yolk.

All I have to do is grease a small skillet, heat over a medium flame for a couple minutes, crack in two eggs and salt and pepper the eggies. Now here’s the cool part-when the eggs are about halfway cooked, add about a teaspoon of water to the pan. It will hiss and fizz, but don’t worry it’s okay. Then cover the pan and wait just a couple minutes. Remove the lid and wa-la, two eggs over medium in five minutes. How easy is that?

Life skill accomplished. Now, on to that damn minute rice.


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