Utah’s Best Breakfast

Erin, Laura, Ava and I went to the Blue Plate Diner for dinner. It was another brinner experience for me on the patio at 2100 South 2100 East. For the past ten years or so, this place has won City Weekly’s Best Breakfast Award. The diner was also featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Drivers not too long ago.

Even though it was just a little too cool, we sat on the patio. Our waitress was helpful and friendly, plus she had a couple of awesome tattoos.

I tried their biscuits and country gravy. The only downside was having to ask for more gravy. Come on, I want to die of a grease and sodium induced heart attack people! Give me more gravy. The biscuits were big and fluffy–much better than my sad attempts. The gravy was yummy, too. It had nice big chunks of sausage and was thick and flavorful. The home fries were better this time than before. I think there was more onion and green pepper.

Ava had the turkey avocado sandwich. She liked it well enough to take the extras home. I tried some of her steak fries. They were pretty good, but as Ava says the fry sauce could be better.

Erin tried the corned beef and hash dish the Blue Plate is famous for. She said it was good. It looked and smelled so delicious I might just try corned beef next time I’m there.

Laura had the tuna melt sandwich. I suspect this is one of her favorite things from Blue Plate. She seemed to enjoy her dinner, too. She ordered the shoestring fries instead of the steak fries. They looked great and would probably be my choice from their fry options.

In the end, Erin was nice enough to pick up the check. So I’m not sure how much it was, but I know each of our meals cost under $10. It’s definitely worth the price for the fun vibe and delicious diner food.


4 thoughts on “Utah’s Best Breakfast

  1. I think one of my favorite things about that place is the ambiance, you just can’t beat that old fashioned diner feel, especially when it’s mixed with all the tattooed wait staff.

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