Easy on the tini, please

Oh no, you didn’t.
*snaps fingers in a Z-formation*

J.D. from Scrubs has a love of appletini’s “easy on the tini.” When Erin, Tony, Tyler and I had Scrubs night we decided to honor J.D. by drinking his favorite alcoholic beverage. Of course, it helped that early in the night we realized plum brandy and gin are not very good.

To make our appletinis we mixed vodka, sour apple mix and soda water. I tried for a two to three ratio since according to a Google search on Tyler’s iPhone that’s what a martini is supposed to be. It came out very yummy. A nice bright green that tastes an awful lot like Jolly Ranchers.

The appletinis were prefaced by a couple of tacos from the taco stand on State Street in the Sears parking lot. Two tacos are $1.50 with a nice filling of lengua and salsa it’s more than worth the low price. The lengua was tender and delicious. The taco shells were nice and fresh made than fried in grease. Yum!

Do you have a food or drink you associate with a TV show?


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