Boy, boy, boy

So my friend Walt and I have been having this discussion about gross food challenges. You know, like the Gallon Challenge where a person tries to drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour or the Onion Challenge where a person tries to eat an entire onion.

Well, Walt has never actually participated in these challenges, but he likes to bet his friends (a bunch of college boys) that they can’t do things like eat four Big Macs in 20 minutes. Last time Walt did this he lost $45.

Have you seen boys eat? Of course, they can do eat vast amounts of food in no time. It’s amazing! College boys chowing down is like watching a magician. Food. Just. Disappears.

So about two minutes ago I get a text from Walt, “Twenty-five chicken nuggets in ten minutes. You in?” Uhh…no. I might eat a lot, but I don’t eat that much. Last time I checked the best way to pack it in is to eat nice and slow.

Heehee. Anyone else ever eat way more than they should for just a few bucks?

Update: Walt successfully ate 25 chicken nuggets in a half hour. Surprisingly, no one lost any money or their lunch. Amazing what a tummy can take!


5 thoughts on “Boy, boy, boy

  1. For homecoming my senior year.. i did the gallon challange! And i won.. its was the worst expereince of my life! You have no idea what a real hangover is until you expereince a milk hangover! oh my.. that was awful!! and my prize for winning was a gallon of chocolate milk.. lucky me!

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