Questionable sushi

I’m sure we’ve all seen the sushi at Smith’s. It’s in the deli/bakery area and it always looks kind of questionable. Well, a friend said it wasn’t too bad and worth trying. So I did. This was a mistake.

My first sign should’ve been the walk home. As I was coming home, I was followed by two LDS missionaries, which I thought was weird because I was carrying a case of Blue Moon. I had picked up the California Roll sushi because I figured with artificial crab how bad could it be?

The sushi was $6.19 and by far the cheapest sushi roll I’ve ever bought. I immediately went to the kitchen and broke into my sushi. After just a few pieces I was interrupted by the missionaries. They had been temporarily distracted by my neighbors and now it was my turn.

We talked for a few minutes. The blond was very persistent. I finally sent them on their way and went back to my sushi.

With a little wasabi and soy sauce, the sushi wasn’t too bad. The roll had a fairly nice balance between rice, tobiko, crab, carrot and cucumber. Not great by any means, but palatable and for $6 it seemed worth the money.

Only now it’s been more than 12 hours and I’m sitting on my couch feeling like I might puke. Smith’s sushi is the most questionable food I ate yesterday. I blame the sushi. I so blame the sushi–and the missionaries.


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