Monday’s pasta

Yesterday an old friend came to visit. Des is an amazing girl and if anyone out there is lucky enough to know her you know what I mean. We had a great time wandering around Sugar House and catching up.

For lunch, we decided to eat at Noodles and Company on 1100 East-ish and 2100 South. I love the Sugar House Noodles because Ava used to work there. So I know some people when I come in. This time the service was extra good: Val, Cheri and Blas were extra on-top of things.

I had a nice conversation with Val. She’s this great woman whose son is coming to Westminster in the fall after spending a year in Germany.

I got the regular Penne Rosa with cavatapi noodles and a small soda. I love that they will let you make pretty much any substitution. And since cavatapi are so much more fun than penne, I almost always ask for the switch. It cost about $6.

The penne rosa was very good. It has spinach and mushrooms in a tomato sauce. My favorite part about the flavor of the rosa dish is the little bit of heat. It’s a nice little kick that pairs nicely with the spinach. Even Des, who says she has a “weak tongue,” says it’s mild enough for her.

Des and I ate out on the patio in the beautiful heat and sunshine. I love summer. Afterwards, we wandered through Hidden Hollow. A great finish to a very nice lunch.


2 thoughts on “Monday’s pasta

  1. My fav is the tuscan with cavatappi noodles, with subbed peppers for onions and chicken, my sec fav is the buttered noodles with seasoning and braised beef (as opposed to the sauted beef, the braised has a better texture for this), although the mac and cheese is always good too.Also, if your worried about the pene rose being a little too hot you can always request that they can make a non spicy version, this is really the only dish they can do that with.Seriously, I am just a complete fount of information about N&Co food. It's nice to know that it's finally comming in handy. 😀

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