Experiment II

So the awesome experiment of summer time flavors did not happen. Instead, I drank free coffee.

I went to a budget forum at my school. (For the complete story check out, www.westminsterforum.net.) In the the last issue of The Forum we published a story about our student government. The story showed that ASWC controls and gets paid more money than most students realize. The story also created some conflict between The Forum, the senate and ASWC.

Well, I’ll be editor for The Forum next year so my staff writer Walt and I went to the budget meeting. I learned some interesting things about how money is given out, but sadly only five students counting myself and Walt were there.

Afterwards, we went to Gallery Stroll to go visit Erin at her gallery where she was rockin‘ the selling art internship. We saw some great local art at a few different shops. If you’re in Downtown anytime in the next month, wander into Saans and Kayo they have amazing work on display this month.

Walt and I went to McDonald’s with our coupons for a free iced mocha. You know what? It’s not too bad. It’s pretty much a latte with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It was better than what I expected from Mickey D’s. I probably won’t pay for it.

I think I’ll try rum cake and that combination of orange, lemon, coconut, pecan and ginger. It sounds delicious!


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