The Soup Kitchen

The bipolar weather of April in Salt Lake City makes me want to cry. So while I wear my sundress in the snow, I enjoy a nice cup of soup. One of my favorite soup places is the Soup Kitchen. The shop is right off Highland and 2100 South. So it’s super close to my house and my school.

I love going in and grabbing some soup on my way to class. It’s great! But the last time I was there I made an amazing discovery, onion rings!

We all know, I love onion rings. Rings are indeed deep-fried, golden goodness. At the Soup Kitchen, they are beer battered deliciousness. So good! Hmmm…

I got a full order for about $2.50, which ended up being enough onion rings for two people. The fry sauce was okay, not the best, not the worst. The onion rings themselves were amazing. They were hand-cut onions, dipped in a beer batter with some great seasoning and fried to the perfect level of golden, brown, crispy good.

I also had a cup of broccoli and cheese soup with two free cheese bread sticks. The bread sticks were great! As always a nice fluffy homemade bread. The soup was pretty good, but after the onion rings kind of a let down. It’s probably still one of my favorite soups, but not the best cup ever.

In all I spent about $7 for a drink, soup, bread sticks and onion rings. It was a fantastic on the go lunch for cheap. I will definitely be stopping by again. If nothing else for the onion rings.


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