On Wednesday, I went to Maxwell’s with a couple of women from the office I’m interning at. We were there for a “tweetup” (Twitter speak for meet up). The group was interesting since it was mostly people I didn’t know. Plus, Christy and I were the youngest people there by about 10 years.
We met Peter from HARO. He’s a really outgoing guy and was quite a character.

On to the food part, right? We had the Fat Kid and cheese pizza. The Fat Kid was very yummy. It has goat cheese, basil and tomatoe. They serve a thin crust pizza. According to the people from the East Coast, it was pretty authentic New York pizza. It was very yummy.

The cheese pizza was good to, just not as yummy as the Fat Kid. I definitely will go back, but only if someone else is paying. It’s in Park City and like all the town it has the vibe of overpriced, white guy trying a little too hard to be cool.


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