Tulie Bakery

Bow to the Cuteness

Last Saturday, Ava was having great psychic connections to all things good food. After eating at Cafe Trio we decided to stop next door at Tulie at 863 East 700 South. Just to check out the cool building and see what the bakery had to offer.

How do you say so adorable you’ll want to cry tears of joy?

Tulie is made of cuteness. Really. I promise. I can’t show you because I forgot my camera. But their treats are tasty and adorable.

I ordered the lemon cream tart. It was delicious! I have a sweet tooth for lemon. It’s a great combination of sweet and sour. The crust was nice and flaky, but thick enough you didn’t bite only into cream. It was even garnished with candied lemon rind. Making the tart amazingly adorable and yummy. For $4.25 (if I remember correctly) it was big enough I took it home and polished it off the next day. The yumminess lasted and the adorableness still amazes me.

Ava ordered the chocolate cake. It was also $4.25 a slice. The cake was very rich and chocolaty so I didn’t try it. But judging from Ava’s excitement about going back to Tulie it was delicious.

We also drank their house coffee. At $1.50 a cup it’s reasonable priced for any coffee shop. The coffee was good. Not the worst, not the best. It was a medium bodied roast with a bright finish. (Read a little bitter at the end.)

So that’s a wrap. For delectable treats and a great atmosphere, Tulie’s is the place for an afternoon snack.

Also be sure to check out some of my reviews and other writings at www.westminsterforum.net.

What amazingly cute place have you been to lately?


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