Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta

This week, Ava and I went to Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta. I’ve been here a few times before and am always impressed by the atmosphere. The decor is modern, warm and comfortable. It feels a lot like Red Rock Brewery, but has a different flair.

Ava and I waited and waited and waited. Finally after 15 minutes of “please wait to be seated” sign obedience our server, Cami sat us. I was appalled to see that nearly all the tables were dirty and empty. Nine o’clock at night? And the house was empty? That’s not a good sign.

Admittedly Pizza and Pasta is the family side of Fiddler’s Elbow and we were avoiding membership fees by sitting with the little ones, but still. Empty and dirty? Not good.

After we were seated at a nice clean booth, the whole experience was much better. Our server made some drink suggestions including a Raspberry Beer, Blue Moon and an apricot heifweizen. I ordered the apricot ($4.25), while Ava got the Blue Moon ($4.25) . They were great suggestions for two lovers of girl beer.

The apricot had great flavor and was nice and light. So I didn’t feel like I’d gained 5 pounds after drinking one beer. Always, a plus! The Blue Moon was a little frothy for me. I’m not sure exactly what was different, but it seemed too carbonated. The flavor was a little less full than the apricot.

Ava order mushroom gravy pork chops. I order seafood perciatelli ($14.50). Perciatelli are a thick hollow noodle shaped like spaghetti. The seafood included clams, mussels, salmon and shrimp.

As always the food was delicious, but the portions were gargantuan. I loved my pasta dish it had the right amount of heat with lots of flavor. The pesto sauces were delicious, but a little too oily for me. If I made this dish at home I would cut the EVOO, in half and let the flavor of the spice stand out more.

The seafood as a whole was great. The salmon was moist, flaky and fresh. The mussels were cooked perfectly and not chewy at all. The shrimp were good, not the freshest I’ve had, but cooked well and mixed nicely with everything else in the dish. The clams could have been fresher, but they were cooked perfectly. This far from the ocean and at a pub, I can’t complain too much.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you how cheap this place was. Because Ava is an awesome friend and she bought me dinner. I will tell you this: next time, you’re at Pizza and Pasta ask for Cami, order some beer and bring good friends. You will definitely feel like it’s worth it.

In the end, it was a great dinner. Cami kept us well-stocked on our beer, but was careful we didn’t drink ourselves to the floor. Plus, they let us hang out for a couple hours. In the world of waiting tables, that’s pretty good service.

Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta is next to Wells Fargo on the corner of 2100 South and Highland Drive (1100 East).


5 thoughts on “Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta

  1. Thanks for the link, Stuart.Hi Stevi. I haven’t been to the Burger bar in Roy, but I totally saw that episode on Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives! I would love to go there. I just never have a reason to be in Roy. I’ll check out your blog soon.They also cover Pat’s Barbecue and Blue Plate Diner. Of the two, I have only been to Blue Plate Diner. You can check out my post on that for more info. Basically, really chill and super cheap.

  2. You should check out Pat’s BBQ too Krista. Quite a few rate it as the best BBQ here in SLC.Weekends can be busy with the live music (plus there might be a cover charge for the main room), but it sure is tasty and fun!– Stuart

  3. Thanks, Stuart! You definitely rank in as one of my most useful readers (of course, you’re all full of wonderful tips and advice). We’ll be sure to go there. My list of cool places to check out keeps getting longer and longer. Thanks, again!

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