Atlantic Cafe

Mmm…sums this place up. I’ve been to the Atlantic Cafe a few times now. And I love it. My favorite is their margarita pizza. They use mozzarella fresh, sweet tomato sauce, sweet fresh basil and plenty of fresh garlic. The sandwiches are delicious. Ava really enjoyed the chicken dish she ordered last time. (I think it was a gyro.)

Although, the cafe has a large menu it isn’t overwhelming. The prices are excellent. A downtown location where you can get lunch for under $10 is tough to find. And Atlantic is the answer.

Atlantic Cafe boasts one of my favorite patios. The patio is covered with trees making it cozy while still being spacious enough you don’t elbow strangers. I’ve never even bothered with an indoor table at this place.

The restaurant is very clean. They always have an open table, so you never wait to be seated. Plus they will never rush you out the door. Be warned: you will need to take your ticket inside to pay when you’re ready to leave.

The atmosphere is very relaxed. Unfortunately this means, the service isn’t as prompt as I typically expect. The server may take a few extra minutes to notice you. However the servers’ friendliness and the foods’ yumminess make it worth the extra wait.

The owners are passionate about food and people. It shows in their cafe. The food is great and it is apparent the servers want you to enjoy yourself. The owners are always working in the restaurant. I’ve been checked on every time by them. My table is always having a good time and enjoying the food.

This place always has many different people with many different accents. The decor and market make it feel like you’ve left Salt Lake for just a few minutes and are eating at a Mediterranean cafe.

If you’re looking for an excellent meal that is as relaxing as a spa, Atlantic Cafe is for you. This cafe is always worth the trip, time and dime.


3 thoughts on “Atlantic Cafe

  1. Yes, you should mention the Lemonciata and the Aranchiata! Good point Texas!BTW don’t be afraid to snoop around the whole place, they sell specially imported European foods and candies.

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