Street eats

Originally posted here: Street Eats

A controversy faces Salt Lake from time to time (other than polygamy): taco stands. It’s true, for reasons unfathomable to myself some people take issue with the men and women who make a living selling food from a street cart. My response to this issue: try the taco then follow your addiction until these 2 a.m. yummies are a staple in your dining experience.

Taco stand tacos are delicious. I love street food. Not only is it cheap: $1.50 for two tacos, it is the best authentic Mexican taco you can get in this city. The tortillas are freshly made everyday. The doubled taco shells are stuffed with your choice of meat. You will find more than carne asada (roasted beef) and pollo (chicken) on the menu–the stands also serve lengua (tongue) and buche. For the more adventurous you can order cabeza (head) as well. The toppings are served buffet style including pickled carrots and jalapeno, red cabbage and cilantro. The sauces include a red (hot) and green (medium) hot sauce both of which have great flavor.

My favorite taco is the lengua with cabbage, onion cilantro salsa and green hot sauce. Enjoy the delicious mess of flavor and don’t forget to grab a paper towel for the food dripping down you chin.

You can find taco stands in Salt Lake and West Valley. The easiest stands to find are located in the Sears parking lot on State Street at about 1300 South.


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